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    With Florida having 2.8 million mental health patients and fewer psychiatrists to serve each one, online psychiatry has become popular. The e-psychiatry helps patients in underserved areas access treatment virtually without visiting service providers.

    Already, leading psychiatry service providers like Luxury Psychiatry Medical spa are virtually serving hundreds of underserved patients in areas like Jacksonville. When administered properly, online psychiatry services provide an impact similar to in-person visits.

    Suppose you plan to use a telehealth psychiatrist in Florida; the following information motivates you to proceed confidently.

    It’s Difficult to Find A Psychiatrist in Jacksonville, FL

    Seven psychiatrists are available for every 100,000 patients in Jacksonville to serve such a vast number. Getting a psychiatrist appointment would be a great challenge, especially if you need prompt service.

    Unfortunately, your work, education, and family schedule might not allow you to attend therapy sessions as needed. That is because the busy psychiatrists might be unable to attend to you outside your scheduled appointment.

    The scarcity of psychiatrists is not just in Jacksonville but across entire Florida. A report by Merritt Hawkins shows that the state needs 3.5X more psychiatrists to meet the demand for in-person psychiatric services.

    The Pain Points of Going to a Psychiatrist’s Office in Person

    Besides trying to get an appointment with a preferred Psychiatrist in Jacksonville, FL, in-person meetings have many issues. For instance, the service cost can be quite costly for patients who need several appointments.

    In addition to the high cost, going to a psychiatrist’s office in person comes with several other demerits, including:

    Challenges Getting Time Off

    One-on-one visits with a psychiatrist in Jacksonville, FL, last for 60 minutes, and you might need up to five sessions weekly. In addition to the sessions, you need additional hours to travel to and from your psychiatrist.

    Many patients, especially those in a critical day job, find it hard to secure time off daily throughout the treatment. Besides the difficulty securing time off, you could see it uncomfortable disclosing to supervisors that you are under treatment for a mental disorder.

    Discomfort Chatting With the Therapist

    A one-on-one chat is part of in-person psychiatric treatment. The talk session helps your mental health professional in Jacksonville, FL establish a clear picture of your situation and the triggers that worsen your disorder.

    Moreover, the talk session relieves the pent-up emotions that trigger your anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and mental issues. Despite the benefits, it is challenging to do it with someone unfamiliar.

    Naturally, you experience tension disclosing sensitive information to avoid judgment and protect your dignity. You might even have to withhold some information, making it hard for your psychiatrist in Jacksonville, FL, to offer precise therapy.

    The Benefits of Online Therapy

    Online therapy has become one of the best alternatives to in-person mental health care. In this form of therapy, a telehealth psychiatrist in Florida offers treatment through chats, video calls, email, chat rooms, or phone calls.

    That means you do not have to meet regularly, saving the time and resources you could have spent traveling. In addition to the virtual nature, telehealth psychiatry is gaining more traction because:

    Online Therapy is Effective

    Although you do not meet with a therapist, online therapy is as effective as in-person psychiatry. Mental health experts in Jacksonville have used it to treat various mental issues like social anxiety disorder, depression, gambling behaviors, and generalized anxiety.

    If a one-on-one meeting is more important, your telehealth psychiatrist in Florida can organize one. Most facilities, like Luxury Psychiatry Medical Spa, offer both therapy styles — online and in-person.

    Online Therapy is Highly Accessible

    With telehealth psychiatry, you can access services at your most convenient time from wherever you are. The accessibility makes it possible to schedule your therapy sessions at a time when you are free from work.

    If you have a day job, you can schedule your therapy sessions in the morning before work or evening after work. Many online therapists let you have your therapeutic session when it is most appropriate for you. People have access to flexible treatment plans when choosing online treatment and talk therapy.

    Furthermore, online mental health services with a telehealth psychiatrist in Florida save the time and resources you would have wasted traveling to receive treatment. You can chat, call, or hold a video conference with the therapist from the comfort of your home or office.

    Friendly for People With Mobility Issues

    In-person therapy was not so favorable for people with mobility issues in several ways. As an example, housebound patients couldn’t manage to attend sessions consistently. Likewise, some facilities were designed to accommodate people of only some abilities.

    Unlike in-person treatment, telehealth therapy gives people of all abilities a chance to receive treatment like the non-disabled. They need a computer or phone to get the service at home — no need to travel.

    Online Therapy is Fairly Affordable

    Online therapy is often cheaper per weekly session. You also save the costs you could have wasted on extras like traveling and taking time off your regular schedule.

    Medical insurance providers view online psychiatrist services as in-person therapy. Therefore, most patient visits are covered by insurance plans.

    Treatment is Comfortable

    Many people feel uncomfortable discussing sensitive health concerns with new faces, and that is because they fear being judged or attacked. Even those who choose to share the information often withhold some vital information that could have helped increase treatment outcomes.

    Unlike face-to-face meetings, online therapy provides an extra layer of confidentiality. Therefore, patients can disclose their mental health concerns without worrying about judgment or feeling shy about sharing sensitive information.

    In online therapy, you only meet the telehealth psychiatrist in Florida on the first appointment. Therefore, you will hardly form a rapport that makes you shy from sharing sensitive information like failed love affairs, insecurities, family issues, drug use habits, or workplace problems.

    Luxury Psychiatry Offers Telepsychiatry in Florida

    Luxury Psychiatry Medical spa is one of the leading facilities helping people with mental health conditions recover quickly. Our licensed therapists treat depression, mood disorders, seasonal affective disorders, and sleep disorders.

    Unlike standard psychiatric facilities, we use a mix of in-person and telehealth treatment modes to make therapy more convenient for you. That means you can always choose an option that fits your regular work-life schedule.

    Depending on your mental health condition, we can use motivational, cognitive behavior, and interpersonal therapy to help you recover. Schedule an appointment to discover our treatment options for your mental disorder.

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