Telepsychiatry in Florida

Luxury Psychiatry Medical Spa is now offering telepsychiatry in Florida.  With the opening of our office in Winter Garden, near Orlando, Florida, we are now offering telemedicine to Florida residents.

Telepsychiatry in Florida

What Is Telepsychiatry?

Telemedicine uses technology to provide medical care from a distance. Telepsychiatry is a subset of telemedicine that uses various technologies to offer patient care. This method can be helpful for people living remotely or who prefer receiving care in the comfort of their homes. 

Our online psychiatrists offer remote psychiatric care for services including:

How Telepsychiatry Works

Telehealth works in the same way as traditional one-on-one appointments. A person will first schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist. They will then receive a booking confirmation indicating the date and time of the initial appointment. 

On the material day, the patient will log in to the conferencing channel and wait for their doctor to join. The meeting can also be done via telephone.

Telepsychiatry uses the same guidelines as in-person appointments. After an initial evaluation, the psychiatrist will create a treatment plan. Then the provider will refer the patient to other services and schedule a follow-up session. 

In some cases, the psychiatrist may prescribe medication to patients. For most patients, telemedicine is covered by their insurance. That said, patients should check with their insurance provider to be sure before committing to telepsychiatry.

Some notes about our Telepsychiatry appointments:

Book appointments online or download our mobile app. We do not communicate via text or email other than through appointment reminders. We apologize for any delays caused by patients with complex symptoms or multiple mental health concerns. When booking, we cannot foresee which patient will need more time than average. Please forgive any delay. One day that person who needs extra time may be you.

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Telepsychiatry in Florida
Telepsychiatry in Florida
Telepsychiatry in Florida
Telepsychiatry in Florida
Telepsychiatry in Florida
Telepsychiatry in Florida
Telepsychiatry in Florida
Telepsychiatry in Florida
Telepsychiatry in Florida
Telepsychiatry in Florida

Benefits of Telepsychiatry

One of the primary benefits of telehealth is that it offers an alternative to traditional treatment. In areas like Florida, telepsychiatry can be especially beneficial in situations where a psychiatrist may be located too far away to conveniently commute to during regular business hours. 

Here are other advantages of telepsychiatry

It is Convenient

Remote therapy and psychiatry is an excellent option for patients who cannot travel to the hospital for various reasons. It may also reduce the need to ask permission to leave work or school for a doctor’s appointment.

Improved Quality of Care

As a 2016 review highlights, patients and caregivers report an uptake in satisfaction levels with telepsychiatry. In addition, some patients find it easier to open up in the comfort and convenience of their homes. The comfort of being at home can make patients feel at ease compared to a health care facility.


Telemedicine is more cost-effective compared to in-person visits. Patients do not have to spend much money on transportation, sometimes several times a week, especially when coming from distant places.

Telepsychiatry in Florida
Telepsychiatry in Florida

Early intervention

Telehealth and therapy are practical tools for diagnosing the early onset of a condition. This is especially advantageous to individuals at risk of developing mental health issues.

Continuity of care

Unlike in-person hospital visits, telepsychiatry makes it easy for providers to follow up with their patients. They can do this using different channels, such as email, telephone, or consultations.

How Effective Is Telepsychiatry?

Considering the telepsychiatry research, there is a good amount of evidence to show its effectiveness for various conditions. The American Psychiatry Association highlights that remote psychiatry improves treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. Most patients find telepsychiatry effective and consider the process a viable alternative to traditional one-on-one treatment. 

Additional research has also found telepsychiatry to be a practical and cost-friendly approach to treatment for mental and behavioral health. Telepsychiatry is further equivalent to in-person psychiatric services in terms of the following:

We Are Here to Help

Telepsychiatry and telehealth programs are a growing field. A person’s mental health affects every part of their life. Positive mental well-being makes it easier for you to navigate everyday life effectively. 

Many mental health centers offer remote mental health services to treat patients. However, psychiatrists and other professionals must have advanced experience and feel confident in treating patients remotely. 

There are many benefits to remote treatment for mental health services. At Luxury Psychiatry Medical Spa, we have improved access to behavioral and mental health services. Our patients can enjoy seeing an experienced mental health provider and not deal with long wait times. 

Luxury Psychiatry Medical Spa has a team of board-certified psychiatrists and therapists who are ready to make maintaining your mental health as convenient and accessible as possible. Schedule an appointment by clicking the button below or give us a call at 312-888-2986.

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* Any patient needing a controlled substance needs a face-to-face appointment with the provider prior to the prescription being sent to be compliant with the DEA guidelines.

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